Why Is My Trail Camera Not Taking Pictures

Why is My Trail Camera Not Taking Pictures?

Why My Trail Camera Not Taking Pictures is the most common issue of the time. The trail camera is one of the greatest interventions that give easiness and time to time click to the user. This camera is common for hunters and photography lovers. At the same time, it is also used for overprotection and safety to the home. Game camera has many specifications and up to dates features that may not present in any other digital camera. So it will improve the person’s presence to captures the views and get over lasting memories.  The use of a trail camera is increased from some time and the photographers like it from any other device.

Trail Camera

Trail Camera

Every trail camera is based on its manufacturing and brands. Each brand introduces different types of trail camera. When the person invests some amount in this digital device then he will surely want to get the long-lasting working of it. Many times due to the most common reasons the trail camera is unable to capture the images and makes the video. There are so many things that are getting wrong in the trail camera. So no need to think like this you are getting the bad camera or your camera company is not good at all. When your camera doesn’t work according to your requirements then make sure you have all things in correct manners.

 So here are the most common reasons through which the trail camera is not working well and unable to capture the pictures. Go through the reasons first. Why is My Trail Camera Not Taking Pictures?

  • Wrong Battery use

Every trail camera is specified in functions and battery systems. So make sure the trail camera which you used has the proper and correct battery. As 4AA and 8AA batteries are commonly used in the trail camera that works for 6-7 hours respectively. So firstly you should keep in mind the batter type either your camera has the correct battery according to the need. 

At the same time make sure it will work longer and give maximum working hours with fast charging speed. The lithium batteries  are used in the trail camera take 1.5-volt power for fully charged. So keep in mind the proper batter will work after getting the proper power supply. This is the reason in which the trail camera performance is not best according to the need.

  • Incorrect SD Card

SD card is the basic thing of the trail camera. Without it, the camera will not act to save the images, videos, and important moments. The SD card ranges start from 2 GB and end at 512 Gb. The most important is to consider that not every card is designed for every trail camera.

So make sure you are using the proper card according to the device capacity. This reason will lead to the poor capabilities of the camera throughout which the user will not get the proper results. Test the SD card and used exactly which your camera has demand.

  • Too much sun exposure

The trail camera is used according to the need. If your camera is working at the best level in the starting days and will not with the time. Then makes sure its temperature is dame as it requires. Many trail cameras are unable to give execution in maximum temperature.

So no need to place the camera in too much sun exposure.  In the sun exposure, the trail camera gives blue and frizzy photos which have not worth at all. Try to sustain the temperature and prevents too many glares. Like, place the camera in beneath the shade, under the reeds and bushes and any other cover place. 

  • Detection issue

If your camera gives you correct images with deep views then your camera detection range is best this reason gives many uncommon problems to the detection range is matter allot. Each camera detection range is varying according to its features. Some give the best detection at 120 ft. and many others are just at 50 ft.

It is your responsibility you should make sure that your camera is fit at the best detection place. Test the place first and get the images. In case of any issue replace the camera on which it gives Hugh quality images with clear views. This way will overcome your trail camera issue.

  • Corrupted SD Card

Have you thought that your SD is corrupted and does not give you all the files and images that you captured in the past? This problem will lead to a very bad effect on the user that gives nothing while doing allot of struggle. So no need to use the corrupted SD card for your trail camera.

When the camera has the wrong card then it is not difficult to capture the proper images and videos. So pay attention and sure that you have the proper SD card that is correct and gives a maximum performance as it is required. The corrupt card lost many important files that were saved for a long time.

  • Power switch Issue

As trail camera gives maximum performance. If it is best in working at the same time it has too many sensitive functions. When the camera has a power switch issue and does not switch off at the time then this issue is the most common in which game camera not taking the pictures. 

You have to clean the power switch slot. When you have no use of the trail camera then it is your responsibility to switch off it with proper care. If you take care of this issue you will automatically get the best performance of the trail camera.

  • Improper Camera Location

Proper camera location is another one factor that helps in getting fine and proper views. No doubt the trail caner is used for multiple tasks. In every task, you should keep in mind the location of the camera. If your camera location is improper then you will get nothing in the views.

So check the proper position either it is good in the trees, bushes, another home place, Garden, and any other and places it according to your correctness. With this adjustment, you will find out the solution to poor image quality as well.

  • SD card is full

Every device has its storage system. When we are talking about the trail camera then it requires a high-quality SD card. So every SD card has capacity and limits. When limits are exceeded then it will not perform and store the files that give a bad effect on the user. So it is your responsibility to check the memory capacity of the card. 

When your camera card is reaching out at maximum limit then try to transfer the file into another device. This way will lead the fast camera performance. The SD card will work quickly and also save the images and. Videos without giving any problem.

  • Triggering speed

When your trail camera has no battery issue and does not has a bad SD card then the trigger speed is another one factor that leads to the poor image quality. Due to the false trigger speed, many users have complained the trail camera is not taking pictures. 

The trigger speed is started at 0.3 and ends at 1 second. Every camera has a different trigger speed that depends on the view’s, object, and the camera sensor. So you should take care of the sensor working as they work at best and optimum environmental conditions.  When the trigger speed is enough the camera will give the fast and best views.

  • Inactivity of Night IR Flash Light

IR flashlight is important to get the images in the night. Many hunters set the trail camera to observe the activity of an animal. When they set the camera they will surely set the flashlight range as well. The UR flashlight improves camera performance and gives the best image quality. 

So no need to invite this factor when you have the problem of taking images and think that the camera is not taking pictures according to the need then must check the UR flashlight. Either it has proper light and blink according to the need.

The Wrap it Up

If you have the trail camera issue and just think that why my trail camera is not taking the pictures then you are at the right place. I hope so you will get many points from this place and know the issues which you have in your trail camera. The game camera has some sensitive features. So try to find out the reasons and overcome them for the outstanding performance of a trail camera.



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