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Spartan HD GoCam Review

It is an excellent trail camera for that person who searches the best wireless trail camera for hunting. Wireless trail camera means a camera that can send photos and videos directly to your phone without using cable as it can use Wi-Fi or any other connection to share data. Spartan HD GoCam is best of all from other wireless trail cameras in the industry. It is a convenient tool to capture any little breathtaking movement or motion at your location. Beneficial for every user.

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Introduction of Spartan HD GoCam 

It takes pretty and beautiful pictures on both day and night time. Spartan has an ultra-fast network to share data. Have all features that a person searches in the best trail camera which has wireless nature. Once users use a Spartan HD GoCam trail camera then it’s ensured to tell you that he will always try to use it for their hunting experienced. It will fulfill your all expectations and give fantastic results every time you use it. The Flash range is 70 feet at night. Features

  • High-Quality Pictures and Videos

Capture high-quality images and videos for their users as it has a great resolution power about 8MP for images and 720p for videos. Have a low LED light which helps to take excellent photos in dark. So you can believe easily on Spartan HD GoCam for getting high definition pictures and videos.

  • Design

If you never want to share your pictures and video to any other device than you can watch on its viewing screen Spartan HD GoCam has 2 inches display screen which is enough size for a wireless trail camera. Design in the color of the tree so it’s very difficult that animals notice it. It’s very easy to do its setting by the remote system. User can easily maintain its setting even by wearing gloves.

  • Wireless Ability 

An AT and T sim card allow you to add in Spartan HD GoCam, which is necessary to subscribe for data connection sharing. You can send both pictures and videos to your hand device and email. Mostly users who want to enjoy hunting and also desire to watch wildlife they want a wireless trail camera because by it they never need to put much effort into it and can easy access their data.

  • Time of Detection

Spartan HD GoCam has 1.2 seconds trigger time which is an enough and low time to detect even a small movement for a wireless trail camera. It detects motion quickly when stick at the right place means try to fix it at animals’ height and at that placed where there is a more chance of animal movement as near a stream, pond, or trees.

  • Time Lapse 

If a user does not want to capture photos and to record videos all time so you can set time on it mean can set interval from time-lapse setting. By presetting time on your device you can save battery time and also increase the shelf life of your device.  Attach a stamp of time, date, the temperature on picture to know you that at which day and time it captures the scene. Spartan HD GoCam included in the best wireless camera due to this feature.

  • Battery Timing  

12 AA batteries added in it which extend its timing and last up after 2 months. The battery takes some time to set properly because every slot has its power to fix a battery in it. One lithium battery can last up for 2 months and 10 days easily even take 15 pictures in day and 15 at night continuously. 

  • Easy to Setup

It’s very easy to set in internally and externally, you can set all its functions through quick remote system by go to the Manu. And externally stick or fixed it with a tree or any other strong corner with long straps. 

  • Temperature 

Spartan HD GoCam is a trail camera that can work properly on any temperature either in very hot or in a very cold environment,-4 to +140 is operating temperature and  -22 to +158 is storage temperature for this trail camera which has wireless structure and function.

  • Reliability and Durability 

Have great reliability, durability, and flexibility so you don’t need to worry about the environment which it can handle easily. Waterproof, drop-proof, and dustproof case covering put on it to save internal material from getting dust and protect it from damage or spoilage. It can work perfectly for 2 years without changing the battery.

  • Quick Sharing

Can share pictures and videos quickly within 60 to 65 seconds, it is a short and efficient time to send data and the best way to save your time. Cover a wide distance in a short time without delay. Price is high than other trail cameras because Spartan HD GoCam is different and better in comparison.

  • Distance Cover 

It can cover a long distance of about 100 feet easily by reducing the blur effect. 100 feet is a large distance which is cover within 1.2 seconds. Every picture has a colorful effect as it not fade up its color even in the last days.

  • Save Data in SD Card

SD card slot also added in it to enhance its factions and prove it better. When users save images in an SD card find a lot of options and select that is more suited as MP3, MP4, and MP8 images. SD card easily removes or added in it, because it has a moveable card slot.

  • Weight and Network  

Formatted with light weighted material and have a 4G network technology to provide great connectivity, high-quality pictures, and smooth running video. You can use any type of app or software as which you access easily. Light-weighted material use to sure that the camera not bent down while fixed it with a point. 

  • Security and Privacy 

Data can be transferred to your device with or without encryption but you must use encryption to make your sharing more secure and safe. This trail camera has no higher resolution power and expensive than many other wireless trail cameras, but with this weakness its quality is too impressive and provides excellent pictures and videos.

Spartan is great for those who know the worth of a wireless trail camera and not for those who don’t. It is most advantageous for that person who is an expert in using the wireless trail camera and has permission to use it is a hunting season. But it never means that a new person will not use it.  

Setup Process of Spartan HD GoCam

  1. First, you buy it then inserts the battery in its battery panel
  2. The second step is to insert the SD card and sim card
  3. Screw antenna from the top
  4. Go to the Manu and set do it’s throughout setting as you want

Connection Setting 

  1. Install Spartan HD GoCam setting app 
  2. Create an account if you’re a new person and press the login button if you already have an account.
  3. Check your email or activate it if not work properly 
  4. Go back to the app setting and tap on the + button located at the top left side of the page.
  5. Then scan the MEID or IMEI barcode of the camera or you can even type it if you cannot scan.
  6. Follow the instruction given on-page and find your code to register with the camera put this code and click the add button

Is It Legal to Use or Not?

The wireless trail camera is legal to use for home security and sports in the entire world, for hunting it is considered illegal in some country but many allow to use it because it does not cause harmful rays. So make sure to use it in that forest or place where you find it legal to use. You can become a more experienced person in hunting if you use Spartan HD GoCam trail camera by trial and error method.

  • Its setup is very easy with wide-angle od detection
  • Design with a solid and hard case to protect its internal material
  • Capture a high-quality picture and record videos with sound
  • Share data directly on your hand device
  • Its trigger speed is a little slower than other
  • Normal Battery timing


Spartan HD GoCam really one of the great products of Spartan and considered as the world’s best trail camera for hunting. Provide outstanding pictures and record videos with sound. This trail camera has all features that are a person looks for a wireless trail camera. Spartan HD GoCam is the best recommendation for hunting purposes because it will not even miss a smaller motion. Selecting this trail camera for any detecting and recording purpose will be your first step toward your progress it makes sure that capture something beneficial because trigger when notice movement.

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