Best Wireless Trail Cameras


A wireless trail camera is a camera that can share data directly to your connected device without using specific connection wires. These trail cameras are best of all from other wireless trail cameras in the industry. It can simplify your effort to capture movement and to watch wildlife. These are unique and impressive trail cameras. It can work evenly in day and night. 

Mostly users that search a trail camera work without wires and desire to have all these features in their trail cameras as, detection angle, detection speed, picture quality, display screen, battery timing, working temperature, and other things like this. Some of these trail cameras use cellular batteries to work perfectly and some can even use solar power panels which known as a solar wireless trail camera.

By wireless these trail cameras; you never need to connect physically with it as you can watch its recording moment at any time or from any place by connecting it with your device. It is a reliable source to capture any little movement or motion at your location. Beneficial equally for every user. These are some excellent trail cameras for those who search the best wireless trail camera for hunting.Spartan HD GoCam  is the top selected product in our list of Top 10 trail cameras.

Best Wireless Trail Cameras 


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Some trail cameras can capture pictures some can record videos and some have both things. Keep in mind that wireless trail cameras that we discuss here have both things they can capture a picture and record videos with sound. From this best trail camera list, you can choose that one you find more suitable. Every camera has its different characteristic means have different pictures quality, different detection range, and angle. 

1. Spartan HD GoCam 

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It is one the best wireless trail camera that captures high-quality pictures and records smooth and soft videos with voice. Its picture resolution power is 8MP and video resolution power is 720p. Time-lapse is a great feature of Spartan HD GoCam means if you never want to capture every movement then you can preset time on it. 

Design in a very interesting way as it has 2 inches display screen to view its capturing data. Have good battery timing. Its detection speed is 1.2 seconds which is a fast trigger time to detect motion. It can work either at very low temperature or very high temperature properly as -4 to +140 is its operating temperature and -22 to +158 is storage temperature. 

It can cover 70 feet’ distance easily within low time and even reduce the blur effect. Sim card slot and SD card slot also included in it to improve its storage ability and connectivity network. Have long straps through which it can stick with a hard point strongly. Send pictures and videos within 60 to 65 seconds. You can add 12AA battery in it which enhances its working period and work for 2 months easily if capture 14 to 16 pictures continuously at day and 15 at night.

  • Share data quickly
  • Take high-quality pictures
  • Use 4G network technology
  • The hard covering protects it from damage
  • Low detection speed in comparison
  • Battery timing is not very good

2. Bigfoot 3G -Best Cheap Wireless Trail Camera

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At the moment it captures pictures or record videos than the same time it sends through email. But it can only transfer pictures that can’t transmit videos. And all this process only takes 50 to 52 seconds to complete after detecting a movement. It can even send it more than one device that has the same Email ID.

BigFoot 3G has no flash to capture night movement. Its trigger speed is very fast as within 0.4 seconds it can capture 65 feet far movement easily at night. It’s working temperature is -33 to 140 degrees which is enough temperature for a wireless trail camera to work accurately. Resolution power is 5mp, 8MP, and 12MP for pictures and 1080p for videos. Users can add a 12AA battery and 16GB memory card in it. When you buy it then it has already a preloaded sim which can work for one month. Have a low price as compare to its features.

If you never want to capture every little movement then you can use a time-lapse feature. Have low glow LED light and design in the same color as tree bark which animals can’t notice. Daytime photos are very clear to identify the animals in the pictures however Night photos are slightly blurred, with a dark border. 


  • Available in low price
  • Can be compatible with various devices
  • Allow free trial to check it
  • Very fast trigger speed
  • Not allow capturing too many photos
  • Night capturing is not thoroughly the same as day.

3. Stealth cam GXW

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Stealth cam GXW camera works perfectly with AT and T sim card. It is a leading wireless trail camera in the market. Can capture pictures and record videos with 12MP and 1080p resolution. I can share both photos and videos.  It can share 4 seconds to 3-minute videos without delay. Best for hunting purposes than sports and security. Capture 1 to 9 pictures on one trigger and 0.4 seconds is its detection speed.

The recovery time is 1 minute. You can also reset capturing time on it. Have the ability to save 6160 photos with one SD card and detect 100 feet distance movement easily. Record excellent moment when fixed at animal’s height and at a place where is a great chance of animals, never miss any motion.

To transfer data on your hand device it needs an app. If users never want to share data on phone so can watch it’s capturing on 2.0 inches color LCD screen. If you worry about the protectively and security of your wireless trail camera then it will lesser your difficulty because it has strong password lock protection. 8AA battery also allows adding in it and having an external power jack that allows adding 12V battery. It takes 30 pictures in 24 hours then its battery can last up for 2.2 months. 

  • It can transfer every capturing and recording
  • Outstanding pictures at day time
  • Fastest detection speed
  • Also, have a USB port
  • Normal battery timing
  • Only work with software or app

4. Snyper commander 4G LTE

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It is the latest version of Snyper that works with a 4G LTE data connection and AT and T sim card. Trigger speed is about .4 seconds, and 2.1 inches is its viewing screen. Snyper commander 4G LTE is the best wireless trail camera with a 12AA lithium battery. One most interesting thing is that this trail camera also has a solar power panel to add a solar chargeable battery in it. Once you will use this trail camera for hunting then it will make your first choice forever.

Pictures are rich in color either at day and night time. Detect range is about 80 to 100 feet. Impressive battery timing with decent pictures. It can take one to five photos on one trigger. The picture resolution power is 12MP. you will get it one time with 2 years working warranty.

Made with waterproof and light weighted material as it not bent down while sticking with a tree. Has an internal GPS  tracking system with a low glow flashlight for a night shot to protect it from animals. With detection range, it also has a great detection angle as 120 degrees. Send data to any type of network phone. The physical look is beautiful. Provide easy trail camera scouting options to its users. The Flash range is 120 feet at night.

  • Wide detection angle and range
  • Capture excellent moments
  • Work with excellent 4G LTE  connection speed
  • Take photos quickly with Snyper app
  • Its lens may capture blur photos in a cloudy environment
  • Everyone can share data 

5. Creative XP 3G Cellular Trail Camera

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The detection angle is 110 feet of this wireless trail camera with a 0.4 to 0.5 trigger speed. The highest resolution power is 1080p but you can save it by lowering its resolution like 480p. The detection range is about 65 feet at night and 75 feet at day timeCreative XP 3G Cellular Trail Cameras is a type of wireless trail camera that deserves great rank in all cameras of this type. Transfer photos instantly after capturing send to your phone or email it will work according to the function that you set on it.

Have time-lapse ability means you can preset time on it as capture one photo after every 3 to 4 minutes. When it notices any movement or motion then activates as soon as possible and takes 5 photos on one trigger you can select the best photo from all. High-quality photo resolution is one of its great features as 12MP. Design with 4 times better resolution power that earlier model.

 32GB memory card slot and long straps include in it to make it better. Not only use for hunting but has the same benefits for home security and sports recording. It looks small in size, remember one thing that creative XP does not perform its function according to its structure but it’s working depend upon the quality of pictures, triggering speed, and battery life. Have 56 IR LED light range for decent night time pictures and videos.

  • The detect angle is very large
  • Have time-lapse feature
  • Have a great feature
  • Have not 4G network speeds

6. Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor 

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You can change its setting easily just by clicking on the app which it uses for transferring data or by pressing the Manu button. Bushnell 119599C2 Trophy Cam HD Aggressor can work for 3month with one battery. When detecting any figure still in the frame than capturing is not an issue. These Wireless trail cameras have easy setup system both for data connection to share pictures and for externally stick it at any point. 

Made with waterproof, dustproof, and drop-proof material which makes it more impressive than others as it can work in every environment as in plants, forest, and construction side. These are some most important features of this wireless trail camera that convince or impress others easily as its photo resolution power is 14MP and 1280p to 720p HD video resolution. Users can adjust their light sensitivity according to their needs as low, medium, high, or automatic mode.

The detection range is 60 degrees with 0.5seconds trigger speed. Everyone can afford it easily. Its time-lapse ability can be varying from 1 minute to 1 hour. Capture 3 pictures on one detection. It will never disappoint you whenever you will use it for any purpose. You have a chance to fit 4 to 12AA battery in it. You can record or send videos up to 60 seconds with sound. With phone and email, you also can share data on Facebook or any other website.

  • Its trigger speed is 0.5 seconds
  • Capture high-quality images and videos
  • Not work without a data plan
  • Can lost connection easily 

7. Kuool 4G LTE Cellular & GPS Trail Hunting Camera

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This wireless trail camera never loses your data whenever you delete it on your own. Kuool 4G LTE Cellular & GPS Trail Hunting Camera different from others because it put a stamp of time, date, and temperature on picture and video, the battery slot contains 12AA batteries. Have 16MP resolution power for images and 1080p resolution for video. Activate with 0.2 to 0.8 seconds when feel any breathtaking movement. Record smooth-running video up to 30 seconds long.

This wireless trail camera is rich in features and very easy to use. Best for the cool environment but even can work on slightly hot temperatures as work perfectly between –30 to +60 degrees for storage. It covers 20-meter distance easily at night time. Have the fastest and wider network speed or cover with long battery life. GPS service is the great characteristic of this product. A difficulty for many hunters is that they often forget or can’t find the location where they set their hunting cameras this GPS service resolves this issue. 

The detection angle is about 120 degrees. Due to its wide-angle detection ability, it is considered as the best part of wireless trail cameras. Users can easily connect the camera with their phone, changing different features like setting intervals. It also has a timer mode to take pictures at a preset time to capture pictures and record videos. 

  • Long battery timing about 8 months
  • Long detection angle
  • Easily affordable
  • Not capture many impressive things

8. Spypoint Link-EVO-V Cellular trail camera

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It is a wireless trail camera with 12MP photo resolution and 42 power glow LEDs. 720p is its video quality and the detection range is near about 80 feet. Spypoint link Evo v cellular trail camera can trigger any small to large movement within 0.3 seconds. It can record videos easily between 10 seconds to 90 seconds. Capture up to 2 images on one-time activation. Its flash range is about 90feets. Date, the temperature of the location and time, stamped automatically on each picture and video. Capture colorful pictures at day time and black and white at night time. 8AA battery and 32GB memory card included in it. This trail camera is one of the best products of Spypoint. Transmit data easily and quickly with 4G network technology.  With an internal battery, it also has an external jack with 12V power in which you can add either a cellular battery or solar rechargeable battery. Its battery work for longer if preset time interval on it. 2 inches view screen design in this trail camera to view its captured pictures and recorded videos to select which one you want to share. Provide free services of data plans for their customers. 

  • Excellent trigger speed
  • High-quality photos with great resolution power
  • Easily connect with any device
  • Its setting is very easy
  • Average battery life
  • Night pictures quality is not impressive
  • Videos cannot be transferred through it

9. Covert Blackhawk LTE

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Covert Blackhawk LTE is mostly recommended for that type of person who has a great experience in hunting and they want to know more and more about animal movement or wildlife. Have a 13MP sensor that activates when you feel a movement and record video with 720p resolution power. Transfer both pictures or videos and its flash range in 80 feet. Take 0.8 seconds to capture a moment after detection and take 40 seconds to recover.

 Its photo resolution quality is 12MP with a 2inches LCD display screen. It can detect movement about 100 feet far with 60 invisible LED lights. The feature which makes it different and better than others is a 64GB SD card slot. One other impressive feature is the data connection option of this trail camera that fails its competitors. First, you can send photos to any of the connected devices then sharing of video will become easy.

It allows users to see its whole day photos by making a short video of these pictures. It provides the same services in every environment even in a humid place. Give surprising results to its users as not miss even a small movement or motion. Its external battery jack has power about 6V which is enough for a wireless trail camera. If you want to see pictures and videos in detail then you can zoom it.

  • Can share both photos and videos
  • Capture excellent pictures in daylight
  • Battery life is about 4 months
  • Design with waterproof, and dustproof hard case
  • Not record smooth running videos at night
  • External jack have low volt power 

10. Cuddeback cuddelink wireless trail camera 

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Have all those features due to which is included in the world’s best wireless trail cameras as its picture resolution power is 20MP and record full HD high-quality video that is higher from many others. Its trigger speed is 0.25 sec means the forth part of a second and recovery time is 1 to 2 seconds. Cuddeback cuddelink wireless trail camera flash can cover 100 feet distance easily. Produce high-quality colorful pictures at day time. With one battery it can capture 10,000 images without cause blur effect and it can work properly for 10 to 12 months. Can record video from 1 to 30 seconds stamping information on it. Fixed it at that place or location where it can cover 2 to 3 sides easily. Have invisible infrareds rays that help in making the pictures more colorful or clear and keep it free from blurring effect in dark. It will really good experience for you to use this trail camera for hunting purposes because you can enjoy a lot while watching its videos with real sound. It is a convenient and reliable source with innovative features to capture a small to large movement still in the frame. Have dual flash and dual cell ability with AT and T system. Its battery life is much better than others because it has a D cell battery nature.

  • Resolution power and trigger speed is much impressive
  • Low glow light with a long detection range
  • Easily share or check its data

  • Some customer does not satisfy by its size and design


11. Browning Defender 850

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The maximum resolution power of Browning defender 850 is 20MP for photos and 1080p for videos. The Flash range is 120 feet and the detection range is up to 80 feet. And the detection speed is 0.4 seconds with 0.8 seconds recovery time. This is an up-to-date model of wireless trail cameras with a 20 to 24 months warranty. You can use rapid fire or multi-shots mode to capture 8 images at a time.

Manage all its functions and stored data by its remote system setting. Download or share data via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi connection. Users can delay the picture capturing program from 6 minutes to 60 seconds easily. This trail camera can record 5 seconds to 2minutes of videos. Means record continuous video for 5 minutes in daylight and 20 sec in dark. Made with water-resistant covering and 4CR 123 type batteries used in it.

Almost every trail camera has time-lapse ability but this camera has Timelapse plus mode. It is a Low weighted and high featured trail camera. Also, have a USB and SD card slot which you can add if you want to store much data in it.  Users need to keep their connected device around 60 feet in a circle to this trail camera because it may lose connection if not find any data connected device in this range. You can easily resolve any issue by following its instruction manual.

  • Greatest wireless features to record interesting moments
  • Provide high definition pictures and videos
  • Fast recovery and trigger speed
  • Can work with limited connection to share data
  • No any external connection for power setup 

12. Boly MG983G 30MP 3G Wireless Game Camera

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Boly MG983G 30GB 3G wireless game camera is interesting both in its structure and function. It can work with AT and T sim card with the 3G network system.  3inches colorful display screen design is to see its data and enhance its features. 30MP is its picture and 720p is video quality. 100 feet is its detection and 90 feet is a flash range of this wireless trail camera. It is a powerful trail camera with a hard covering that protects internal material from dust, water, and snow. Affordable for many users only expensive for those who don’t know it’s worth it. Support a 32GB SD card slot with a solar or external power battery option. It also has an invisible IR flashlight that protects is from animals. Through SMS or texting, you can control the functions of this trail camera from anyplace you never need to connect with it physically, control when to capture pictures or when to record video. Can transfer photos and videos directly to your hand device through email. It can activate the motion detector or even time-lapse. Have strong straps through which users can stick their trail cameras easily with trees or any other strong point.

  • Large display screen
  • Easily accessible and wide detection angle
  • Secured and have an adjustable sensitivity range
  • Cant connect with every device or network
  • Lens capacity is not much good to deal with the harsh environment


These wireless trail cameras included in the world’s best trail camera for hunting, recording sports events, and for security purposes. Capture fantastic moments and record videos with audio. Spartan HD GoCam is the best one I suggest because of it battery time, durability and price.These cameras have all features that are necessary to make it better and different than others wireless trail cameras. All these are the best recommendation for hunting experience due to its ability to activate even on a very small movement. One or two trail cameras from them have low-resolution power but remember that they have many other good features in bulk due to which you can believe in them.


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