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Capturing or hunting animals at night becomes a challenge for hunters but a Thermal camera is an excellent source of capturing animals without they noticed because it activates when detecting the body heat of animals. In the old day, the flashlight camera was used in forest to hunt animals or even for tracking them but these flash cameras attract animals easily. With time, night vision devices develop but they cannot capture or record hidden animals.

Recently introduced thermal camera find animals easily when they are in range, even animals are still in a frame or hide between bushes. It can easily see the heat which they emit and capture heat radiations. This type of camera has one most interesting feature as capture animals in dark, can work properly in every environment as harsh, cold or hot. May it is expensive for beginners but keep in mind that it has more valuable features than price. Hunters and wildlife watchers can afford it easily.

Tips to Buy a Thermal Camera for Hunting

Thermal camera has two types of resolution one is for capturing the moment and the other is for display screen. These are some most important features that you must remember when you are in search of the best thermal camera for hunting as,

  • Select the camera with great thermal sensor resolution
  • Should have an outstanding battery life
  • Capture colorful or white and black photo
  • Quality of the pictures
  • How much its refresh rate
  • Check its reliability and durability
  • Have optical zoom feature find for long-distance
  • Check its detection range

Best Thermal Camera for Hunting


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2FLIR T620

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3FLIR T600

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Thermal cameras is best for hunters who are looking for hunting animals and those who want to know about the species or population in a particular area of the forest because animals can’t hide their heat from this camera on any condition. Any of these cameras will not disappoint you ever. User can select the camera which they find more suitable according to their needs and purposes. Here are some best and great thermal cameras which you can use easily without worrying about anything.

1. Seek  Reveal Thermal Camera

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Seek  Reveal Thermal Camera is the best thermal camera with rubber covering that’s performing great functions with great structure. The sensor resolution power of seeking reveal thermal camera is 206×156 and display resolution is 240×320. The operating temperature is -40 to 625 degrees which is enough temperatures for this type of camera.

Animals within a 500feet circle can easily detect or capture by it. It has a large color display screen of about 2.4 inches. One time charged lithium battery can work easily for more than 10 hours. Have 300-lumen flashlights. Not have a much broad detection angle but is it best than many others as 36 degrees.

7 multiple contrast color plates include in it with a USB cable. User will find this camera faster than many others. Produce high-quality pictures without blur effect. Seek products have excellent resistance against water, humid and harsh temperatures. Have 9Hz refresh rate and also a SD card slot to add a memory card for more storage.

Its setup system is very easy means the user can change any of its settings easily without spending much time on it. Focused lenses fixed in it to capture still moment with auto sensor mode. It will make very easy to prey animal that you search for a long time.

  • Users can easily afford it
  • Has long battery timing
  • Can work in every environment
  • Produce good quality pictures
  • Sometimes dust particles may stick on its rubber case
  • Lack of internal storage

2. FLIR T620

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FLIR T620 is mostly used for professionals due to its colorful thermo- graphical nature. Internal resolution is 640×480 IR and display resolution is 800×480. There are many different products reveal by this company but it is best of all for hunting. Have a 30 Hz refresh rate and a huge display screen of 4.3 inches

Once you fully charge its battery then it can work easily for 2.5 hours. Capture images with 5MP resolution powers. You can connect Wi-Fi or Bluetooth with this without wires. Work properly on low or high temperatures as the operating temperature is 5 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit

The measured temperature of an animal’s body is from –40 to 650 degrees. Also, have sketch annotations by touching on the screen. Record video with MPEG-4 file and sound, the user can easily add or remove its SD card and even add a text on recorded video.  120degree is its detecting angle

Many hunters forget the location or tree where they stick their thermal camera so this camera has GPS service through which the owner can easily access it. Focusing lenses can be changed easily as the user can increase their zoom ability at 4X times more than normal.  Picture-in-picture display features for digital photos also find in this camera. 

  • Provide colorful and detail images
  • Perform various functions in low time
  • Can change its lenses with high magnification power
  • Its SD card can store up to 1000pictures
  • Have average battery timing
  • Expensive than others

3. FLIR T600

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Delivered a quality product with 480 x 360 pixels resolution and from 0.04degree at 30 degrees is its thermal sensitivity. The lens can rotate around 120 degrees with a 4x digital zoom capacity. Live video streaming with voice and text. Temperature range is -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 1202degree Fahrenheit. 

FLIR T600 is more sensitive than to the needs of a hunter as its spectral range is near about 7.5 to 14 micrometers. Provide digital and outstanding images with 5MP photo resolution, have LED light to capture a picture with clarity or record video with smooth effect, and show it in a visible spectrum.

One lithium battery can be added in this camera to extend its working time as 2.5 hours is the average battery life. It can cover its target easily with a blur reduction effect. This thermal camera provides an excellent accuracy rate of +/_2 percent. JPEGs or MPEG -4 use to save colorful pictures and videos taken by this camera. Has 4.3 inches display screen with 800 X 480 resolution power to view its capture images and recorded videos. 

Wireless meter link and GPS connection services available in this thermal camera.  One screen touch sketch is a great feature of FLIR T600 that increases its efficiency and productivity. Have a wide field of view as 45 degrees. With hunting, this camera also uses for many other purposes due to its unique functions and structure. 

  • GPS service available
  • Best temperature reading
  • Best for serious hunters
  • High-resolution power in comparison
  • Too much costly

4. Seek Thermal Camouflage Reveal XR Camera

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It can work perfectly either in daylight or darkness. High-performance thermal camera with 206 x 156 sensor capacity to identify animal’s heat. The field of view is 20 degrees and the detection range is 900 feet.  Only one touch can lead its user to 300 lumens LED light which can easily find hide animals. 

Seek thermal camouflage reveal XR camera is different and better than others because it can transmit data easily via SD card or USB cable, connecting it to your device. Its battery can work for more than 10 hours easily. You can stick it to any place where you want,  very easy to carry in a pocket.

Measure temperature is from –40 to 626degree Fahrenheit. Its remote control system makes its use very easy and proves an ideal camera for hunting purposes. Save captured images directly into the SD card to make its storage more powerful. Has 2.4 inches display screen with 240 x 320 resolution power

Users can set it easily within a few seconds. 15Hz is its refresh rate and the recovery rate is 3 seconds. 7 colorful pallets also included in it the user can select their favorite one. It is the version of the seek product with the fastest recovery, refresh rate, make sure to keep you happy ever while you are using it.

  • Easy to setup
  • Excellent refresh rate
  • Outstanding battery timing
  • Different Colorful palettes
  • Convenient to use
  • Not best for every one

5. Campark Trail Infrared Wildlife Thermal Camera

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Campark Trail Infrared Wildlife Thermal Camera gets a great rank in the market because of its fastest detection and capturing speed. As soon as it detects animal heat capture the high quality and clear photo within 0.3 seconds. This thermal camera offers great reliability, durability, and is an authentic tool to record interesting movements.

Its picture resolution power is 14MP and video resolution power is 1080p. This camera has infrared technology and all essential characteristics. It can detect 65 feet far object easily by emitting its heat radiation. Have 3IR sensors and 850nm LED light. Can capture colorful pictures at day timer and black and white is night with 42 pieces light ray.

Light on automatically when the camera feels any movement. One interesting thing is the waterproof nature of this thermal camera which makes it able to deal with the harsh environment. The detection angle is 120 degrees. I can work equally for 12 months. Have a 32GB SD card slot and a super infrared night vision mode.

Use for hunting, wildlife monitoring, farm monitoring, and house security. 15AA internal battery type and 6V external power supply included in it. If you never want to share it’s all capturing then watch and selects data easily by viewing on its 2.4 inches LCD screen.

  • Have IP66 water resistance case
  • 850nm LED light
  • Have the fastest trigger speed
  • Wider storage capacity
  • Not best for new persons
  • May form scratches on lenses when touching

6. Hti-Xintai Handheld Thermal Camera

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220 x 160 sensor found in this camera with 0.07-degree thermal sensitivity. This camera gives beautiful pictures and very effective results in daylight and dark. Hti-Xintai Handheld Thermal Camera has 5 colorful palettes and 2.8 inches display screen. Users can transfer pictures easily to their computers.

35degree is its field of view. It has 5AA battery and operating temperature is from -4 to 572 degrees. One time recharged battery can easily work for 2 to 3 hours easily. The refresh rate is 9Hz and storage temperature is -42 to 80 degrees. 

Have an impressive focusing ability and a battery with lithium material. This thermal camera has great features with great design as made with hard and light weighted material and use for a long time. You can touch its screen easily even by wearing gloves. 

Once it captures an image you can adjust in any way as you want. The USB port allows you to charge it via a computer or even share its data with computer. Measure animal’s body temperature from – 20 degrees to -300 degree either they are still in a frame or hide in bushes but the issue is that it can detect animals only when they are in its range circle. 

  • Outstanding Rechargeable battery
  • Improved temperature sensitivity than older versions
  • Can share data or charged easily by a USB cable
  • Not have many palates to change
  • Short display screen

7. Perfect primeIR0001 infrared (IR) thermal imager

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Perfect primeIR0001 infrared (IR) thermal imager is available in the black and yellow casing, very interesting in design as a handle adds in it for user comfort. The thermal sensitivity of this trail camera is 0.15 degrees with –20 to 300-degree range. Visible picture resolution is 0.3MP and the detection range is 16 feet. 

It has a moveable screen to capture animals from each angle. Its internal storage capacity is 4GB so for more accurate storage must need to use a memory card. 2.4 inches is its viewing screen. The thermal sensor has 32 X 32 Pixel resolution power. You can include a 4AA battery in it.

It’s very rare to face a problem while using this camera because it has a remote system setting. The frequency range and refresh rate are about 6Hz with plus-minus 2 percent accuracy. One SD card can store 25000 pictures. Its battery timing is 6 hours which is enough than other thermal cameras. 

You can intuitively change the type of picture as it not just bound to the thermal only, or mixed only. Users can add detail on the displayed image or video only by following the onscreen instruction or pressing the arrow. Its sensor lenses provide too much detail or a zoom image.  Users can use a tripod or any other stand to fix it in a forest.

  • Easily affordable
  • Made with better features than others
  • SD card has a large storage capacity
  • Cant stick with a strong point due to its handle
  • Battery damage earlier than other

8. Seek Compact for iOS-Apple

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It can connect directly with iPhones and trigger only within few seconds when detecting heat all around its range. The field of view is 36 degrees and 9Hz is its refresh rate. It can detect 1000 feet’s distance object. Have both features as capture images in colorful version and record full HD video with sound

Seek compact for iOS-apple can work just on auto mode with 9 different colorful pallets. And have 206 X 156 thermal sensors. It is included in one of the best thermal camera for hunting due to its low price and multi-featured nature. The measured temperature range is from -40 to 625 degrees. 

Seek compact formatted with hard plastic material to protect it from animals. Users always buy it with a warranty card that is not included in every type of hunting camera. The spectral range is 7.5 to 14 microns. You can easily get it at the place where they want. 

A lot of professional and experienced hunter recommends this trail camera for beginners and even for experts who search a multi chartered version of thermal cameras to getting more experience in hunting. Use either for day and night and provide high quality capturing in every environment.

  • Connect with iPhone products without causing a mess
  • Various display color available
  • 1000 feet is a long distance for thermal camera
  • Not able to connect with the latest product as iPhone

9. FLIR C2 compact thermal camera

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It is convenient and compact in the structure; the user can easily use it in dark without notice by animals. It will not get water droops when fixing in a wet environment or even not stick dust on it if fix at a dry place. FLIR C2 compact thermal camera has a 45-degree field of view. Work easily from -40 to 70 degree

It is the most popular camera use for many purposes. The operating temperature range is about 14 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit. Have 3 inches colorful display screen. Thermal sensitivity is about 0.10 percent and measurement is 4800 pixels. Battery life is 2 hours.

This thermal camera has 80 x 60 resolutions which make it better MSX technology.  It captures a photo with visible light and can overlap the picture. Can record video easily only by pushing one button and video resolution power is about 640 X 480 pixels with MPEG4 format. 

Measurement range is from 10 to 302 degrees Fahrenheit. With outstanding pictures, its video quality is also very impressive. Users can believe this camera without worrying about anything. Provide crisp data with a 2 percent accuracy rate. Greatest LED light to capture clear images in dark. Can view larger surface easily and quickly.

  • Impressive resolution power
  • Light-weighted with the thin look and high features
  • Have a wide field of view
  • Its thermal sensitivity is up to 0.10 degree
  • Easy user interface 

10. FLIR Scout III 240

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It is the 3rd generation of FLIR with 280 X 180 internal resolutions and 640 X 480 pixels is its display resolution. The refresh rate is 30 Hz which is greatest than many other types of a thermal camera. Battery life is also better than other as about 5 to 6 hours. The detection range is more than 1000 feet

The LCD screen provides high definition pictures. Made with advanced technology and not miss even a smaller animal. It can target 350 meters far thing easily. Trigger time is very fast and the user can adjust its brightness level easily.

30mm lens included in this thermal camera to focused a thing in more detail. FLIR Scout III 240 has a 20 to 23-degree field of view. It is best for those who disappointed from many others because has all features that full fill user need and cause blur reduction effect in the picture. 

Have 3 color pallets from which users can select the ideal one as white, black, or instAlert format. It is a monocular that uses capture images as a thermal camera. Can easily detect animals or even humans by emitted their heat radiation, fog, or smoke will not affect it. Make your experience more adventurers.

  • Very light weighted product for hunting
  • More adventurous
  • Greatest heat detection capacity
  • Keep your data safe
  • Have not many colorful pallets to use 


It is the best solution to get the greatest hunting experience even in dark. It can capture those animals which may not capture by other hunting cameras. You can select any thermal camera because all these have unique and excellent features that prove them better than each other. Seek  Reveal Thermal Camera  is the one which am using from long time because of its price and quality. Once a person uses these cameras for hunting then it’s ensured to tell you that it will make your first choice forever.  



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