Best Nanny Cameras 2021


The cameras that can be used inside your house for security purposes and also have motion detection in them are called nanny cameras or just security cameras. These cameras can make you able to keep your home safe and also allow you to keep a lookout for your pets or kids. Here in this list, we have laid out in front of you the best nanny cameras out in the market at this time.

These nanny cameras can be used for various security purposes for example for monitoring your babies on camera, for home security, they can also be a part of a smart home system, and basically anything you want to use it for. All of these nanny cameras are turned on as soon as they detect any motion, making you able to see the footage in real-time or it can also record the motion to watch it later on. Most of these cameras will also have the option to allow you to talk to anyone on the other side of the camera, all you will have to do is just touch a button.

Following are the best nanny cameras reviewed and also the camera’s best qualities to look out for when buying a camera so you can perfectly find one that suits your conditions.

Let’s first take a look at what a nanny cam actually is, so that you can clear your doubt about any features on the cameras. Let’s also see the different types of nanny cameras available on the market.


The cameras which can be controlled and monitored remotely and are also used for home and indoor security purposes are usually known as nanny cams. These cameras are specifically made to pick up any movements taking place on the inside of the house rather than the outside or maybe the doors. Consequently, you can use these cameras for the monitoring of your pets and children to see where they go and move in the house. You can prevent them from going to places in your room that you want to stay private from them.

Now 3 different types of nanny cameras can be seen and they are given as follows:


There are a lot of companies out there that now give you the option of buying a single unit camera unit that can conveniently be used as indoor security cameras or nanny cams. The best thing about the mentioned cameras is that they can be used without worrying about any wires. These cameras allow you to watch the footage easily on your mobile devices and only require wifi to watch the stream.


When you get a whole security system installed in your house, you will get a chance to also possess one or two indoor cameras or nanny cameras. If these security systems are monitored professionally you will have a camera that also works as a sensor. If this sensor detected any unwanted motion in your house they will also dispatch a team of people who will respond by showing up at your house due to the said unwanted motion.


These cameras are there in your house just disguised as the regular items that would be used on the daily basis and won’t be suspicious. These hidden cameras will help you to know their actions are being recorded and show you what they are really up to in your house. But there is a slight issue of recording people without consent involved with these cameras and can cause some legal complications and you need to keep that in mind. Some people just use it as a part of keeping a lookout on their kids and/or pets.

One last thing you should look at before buying the nanny camera that suits your conditions are its qualities and the specific one you should look out for are listed as follows:

  • THE RESOLUTION: the quality of the images should be noticed before purchase
  • THE AUDIO: whether the camera allows you to speak to the people on the other side of the camera and does it have the two-way audio system
  • POWER SOURCE: whether the camera requires batteries or is run by plugging it in the switch
  • VIDEO RECORDING OPTION: if you want to watch the live stream or do you want it to record the footage to watch later. And if it does save the footage where does it happen.
  • NIGHT VISION: the quality of this camera when we are watching the night time footage
  • SMART HOME CAPABILITY: whether you want the camera to link up with the Amazon Alexa or google assistant.
  • SPECIAL FEATURES: whether you want the camera to distinguish between people, animals, and objects.
  • SIZE AND SHAPE: whether the camera fits with your decorations and if you want to hide the camera or want to make it prominent.



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Now with these qualities in mind, we can take a look at the best cameras there are on the market to look out at


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The number one on our list comes from the google nest line which makes things for the home security systems. The Nest camera can be used by linking it to other Google products as well and also has the feature to be monitored professionally if you want to. The nest camera is also easy to install and can be used individually on its own.

The perks of this camera are professional monitoring, three hours’ worth of free cloud storage, and smart home compatibility as well. The only con is that you will have to pay a subscription to nest aware of the faces that are known and people who you trust and not alert you when they are on the camera.

The qualities of this camera can be summed up as follows:

  • The field of view is 130 degrees
  • There is also a night vision on it
  • two-way audio is available allowing you to talk to people through the camera
  • the person alert option can differ the movement of people from moving objects
  • the option to recognize face can help to keep down any false alerts.
  • There is also 1080p hd video options available.

    The price for the mentioned camera is only 119.97 dollars


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    This is one of the monitored security cameras. The Vivint ping indoor camera is the best working when there is the whole vivint’s professionally monitored security system. This camera is the only model in the whole market that actually allows you to use the camera to make a video call to the person who is monitoring the video on the mobile phone.

    There are the options available to professionally monitor the footage and smart home compatibility, which are available with the Vivint ping. This camera is a little more expensive than other options in this list and it also has to be professionally installed in order to work nicely. This also requires a Vivint smart home video subscription for complete working.

    The qualities of the above-mentioned product can be summed up as follows:

    • The field of vision is as wide as the 155 degrees angle
    • The audio is also two way allowing you to talk to people on other sides
    • The motion detection is customizable and can be controlled just as you like
    • The option of night vision is available
    • The mobile alerts can be customized just as you want
    • The video quality is a strong 1080p HD available on the camera.
    • The price is a little higher than the previous one and is 199.99 dollars for this camera.


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      This camera comes while disguised as the common analog clock that can be put on the bedside. The complex hidden camera provides the exact quality just as any hidden camera would give. The high-quality resolution and the night vision as well in it just like the indoor camera would have. The perk is that it is very easy to install where ever you want to and it also gives 24/7 recordings but a few problems are with it that is it does not pick up audio from the other side that is being recorded and neither does it have a lot of cloud storage in it. This camera also is bound and only works when 2.4 G wifi is available with it. The qualities if this product can be summed up as follows:

      • This complex hidden camera has motion detection in it.
      • The camera has a slot for an SD card so that you can provide it with local storage because it does not have any cloud storage
      • The system of the camera works so that you can download a mobile app that will allow you to watch the live stream or the recorded footage on your phone easily
      • This camera also has a nighttime visit which gives it a benefit above some other product
      • The video quality is a full 1080p HD video giving you a very clear vision of what the footage contains.
      • The price for this product is very reasonable and is only 54.99 dollars

        4. WYZE CAM V2

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        This hidden camera can be bought at a very reasonable price. This wyze can v2 can provide most of the same qualities as the bigger products on this list that are also more pricey than this one. This nanny camera is very little and can be easily fixed without a lot of trouble. This camera is easy to hide as well as it is very meek and will not cause any suspicions that the camera is even there. This camera has motion detection as well as sound detection. It also has 14-day rolling cloud storage so you can worry less about the storage. The Wyze cam v2 is not useful with the smart home. the qualities of this camera can be summed up as follows

        • Cloud storage is 14 days and you can also put in an SD card as well so that you can have local storage too.
        • The night vision is also up to a reasonable range i.e. 30 ft
        • The audio system is two way means that you can communicate to people on the other side of the footage at any given time
        • There is also a time-lapse recording option available on this camera
        • The field of view is 110 degrees and its pretty wide in our opinion
        • The video quality is 1080 p HD and provides very clear quality to look at when analyzing any footage
        • The price is just 25.98 dollars and can be afforded by many people looking for a nanny camera.

          5. BLINK XT2

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          This camera does not come with the issue of wires, it is very much wireless. This is the best option for you to buy and especially if you are looking for something put into a very tiny place or anywhere you want. The blink xt2 can be used inside the buildings or houses as well as for outside use in any buildings, even if it is priced just as much as the indoor cameras or nanny cameras are priced. The batteries for this camera last for as long as 2 years. The product is compatible with smart home security systems. This camera also does not need any contract or any data fees which gives it a perk. The recordings of the camera however only last for 60 seconds and some people who bought this camera also have said that there is a little bit of a pinhole distortion sometimes in the recordings or the live stream footage. The qualities of this camera can be summed up in the following lines:

          • This camera gives you the ability to see in the night vision
          • It has the option of customizable motion detection which can be used to control when you want it to work
          • There is also an option to monitor the temperature
          • The free cloud storage option is there and provides 2 free hours of cloud storage
          • The camera has a two-way audio system allowing you to talk to people on the other sides of the footage.
          • The video quality is 1080 p HD video
          • The price is just 99.99 dollars which is a little affordable as well.


            The above-mentioned nanny cameras are the best ones we could find in the market. The best one that suits your conditions is the one you can buy. You can see all the qualities such as the night vision, the video quality whether it is 1080 p or not, how wide is the camera angle, the different prices, cloud storage or local storage option on the camera, whether the option of two-way audio is available or not, how much motion detection is available. All this can be seen before buying a new nanny camera either for security purposes or to look upon your kids or pets, or you can do both because it is just as good for all these purposes. We hope this list is helpful for you in choosing your required nanny camera that you desire.


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